What You Should Know About Travel To China Visas

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With its breath-taking antiquity and dazzling modern face, China, the worlds oldest civilization beckons tourists and travellers from all over the world. Travelling to the People’s Republic of China requires the travel to China visa and certain local as well as international laws are to be kept into consideration. 

Entry, Exit And Travel To China Visas Requirements

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For exit and entry these things are to be kept in mind:

  • You need to obtain a visa prior to your arrival and have a passport with atleast six months validity remaining. Incase you lack either, you will be charged a fine and immediate deportation. 
  • You should have a valid visa to exit from China and you must leave the country before the expiry of your visa. 
  • If you plan to work in China then you need to obtain a working visa. In this case a tourist or students visa. In case of improper visa you will be deported on grounds of criminal charges.
  • If you are a regular traveler try getting a ten year multiple entry visa. It is very useful for multiple visits.

Lack Of Visa Results In

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Lack of visa might lead to serious consequences. For overstaying apply for a visa extension from the local Entry and Exit Bureau before you make an attempt to leave the country. Make sure you apply for a request ahead of time. 

You can visit the website of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China for all the information as well as information on the immigration and nationality law’s of China. 

In case of failure to register with the police of China within 24 hours of arrival in the country, it could result in fines and deportation from the country. You can register with hotel staff or the local police station within 24 hours. 

Local regulations include foreigners to carry valid passports and Chinese visas or residence permitsthroughout their visits.

Entry and exit requirements are strictly enforced in China, as are restrictions on activities allowed by a particular visa class. 

Police, transportation officials, school administrators, and hotel staff may check your visa to make sure you have not overstayed in the country without a valid visa. If you overstay your visa’s duration of stay, you may be denied service by hotels, airports and train stations, as well as face fines and detention or deportation.

Dual Nationality In China

The Chinese government does not recognize any kind of dual nationality. If you are of dual nationality of the United States and China, the Chinese government does not usually permit the United States Embassy to provide assistance to you unless you entered China on a U.S. passport along with a valid Chinese visa. Regardless of your travel documents, if you are a dual national, or otherwise have ethnic or historical ties to China, it is possible that Chinese authorities will assert that you are a Chinese citizen and deny your access to U.S. consular representatives if you are detained.

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