Why A Travel Ban By China Doesnt Make Any Sense

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US Travel Ban China seems to be the topic of much discussion in Washington DC and amongst our representatives here in the United States. The reason behind the US travel ban on China seems to be that the Chinese communist government does not like free trade. For decades the United States has been one of the largest users of cheap consumer goods produced in the country, goods we buy and sell everyday. We have no choice but to buy these goods, many of which are manufactured in China (some of them well produced, some poorly) because they have lower labor costs, they have fewer health hazards for their workers, and generally they offer us the best prices. For all these reasons the Chinese communist government is very against free trade and attempts to control it. In fact it’s a form of trade protectionism, as they believe they can maintain their grip on the market.

Prospectus Of United States Commerce Department

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Some in the United States Commerce Department (USC) feel that the current level of protectionism in China is counter-productive and has harmed the interests of both China and the US. They argue that the US should open its market to other countries and provide more of a chance for American companies to sell products in China. China, they add, should start attracting US goods by offering better prices or more competitive pricing to gain our attention. Perhaps if the Chinese government eased its trade restrictions, some US companies would then be willing to sell their products in China. In fact, given the poor economic conditions of the Chinese people have had to endure over the past several years, they have not been able to do so.

If the Chinese communist government would allow more US goods into its markets, then US consumers would benefit from the lower prices and we would get more of what we want. But, if they cut off our access to those markets we would hurt our own economy, something that they clearly are not willing to do. As a result of the US travel ban on China, our companies are scrambling to find alternatives to their present products in China and finding they can’t do so without damaging their own economic situation in the process.

Effects Of Travel Ban In China

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The travel ban hurts everyone traveling into China, but especially those that have made investments in China, such as hotels, restaurants and others. Many of those who have business dealings with China are unable to continue those relationships without getting out of the country. Some of them have even had to shut their operations while the US works out an agreement with other countries that allow US travel to proceed. Without the investment from Americans traveling into China this would be much worse for all of these businesses. And, it will also drive up the price of goods into the Chinese market, something that we are already experiencing due to the higher costs in Chinese goods.

Limit The Movement Of Foreign Investors 

As it stands now, the Chinese communist government is working hard to limit the movement of foreign investors and prevent Westerners from investing in certain industries. So, it’s obvious that they will resist any attempts by the United States to implement a travel ban on China. However, it is possible that in the future if the Chinese government feels like it needs to protect its interests or the interests of other countries (such as Korea and Taiwan) against US competitors, then they may institute a travel ban of their own. Until then, we’ll just have to rely on other countries that are closer to China and friendly towards the United States to sell us products.

Bottom Lines 

What’s most important is that we continue to work with our allies to increase the security of shipping routes around the world. That means using these methods to get our goods to our customers, and that means working with our allies to reduce the potential for crime and violence in trade areas. In fact, by implementing a travel ban today, what it means is that you’ll be putting your country’s people at risk, and that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Instead, the focus needs to be on trying to create more favorable conditions for everyone, including those who are citizens of China.

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