You Should Not Miss Out On This Useful Beijing China Travel Guide

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Beijing, originally a walled fort of emperors and officials, remains a majestic political and architectural marvel. The Chinese capital was geared towards the 2008 Olympics on a large scale. The World Tourism Organization predicts that China will be the most popular country on the planet by 2020. Beijing will add another 200 to the current 600, including significant new developments at Starwood and the Hyatt. Factory 798, the Bauhaus industrial complex in northeastern Beijing, built by East German engineers in the 1950s, now has galleries, cafes, bars, and restaurants. Forbidden for more than 500 years, the Forbidden City, home to 24 consecutive emperors, was outside Beijing for citizens and visitors.  

Beijing Transportation

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Beijing Capital International Airport is both the country’s and Asia’s main international airport (PEK). Beijing Capital International Airport is headquartered in Shunyi District, Beijing (but administratively belongs to Chaoyang District). Capital International Airport T3: the world’s largest single building is situated 20 kilometers from Beijing’s heart. Almost all domestic and foreign flights in Beijing were docked and took off from Beijing Capital International Airport.

Beijing’s First International Airport

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 Beijing’s first international airport handled 65,337,300 passengers in 2009, an expansion of 16.8% year over year, placing it first in Asia and seventh worldwide. China International Aviation (Air China) is headquartered at Beijing Capital International Airport. The Beijing Airport Expressway connects the airport and the Beijing area of the city, and it takes about 40 minutes to get there in decent traffic. 

How To Identify Black Taxis, Counterfeit Taxis, And Cloned Taxis?

To identify these counterfeit taxis, the key is to look at the license plate number. The license plates of legal taxis in Beijing always start with’京B’. If passengers see that the taxi has a top light, the license plate starts with a non-‘jing B License plate. There is no doubt that this taxi is a black car. The fake cloning B’brand taxi has no fluorescence at night. “If you get on a “clone car” by mistake, you must ask for an invoice! You can tell from the invoice whether the car is counterfeit. If the invoice he gives you is a handwritten receipt, instead of an invoice issued by a unified machine across Beijing, It is a black car. Some “black cars’ ‘ also have a meter, but they are all fakes. 

 If You Only Have One Full Day In Beijing, How To Arrange It?

We recommend that you walk the Badaling Great Wall in the morning. In the afternoon, return to the city to visit the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Be sure to walk the Great Wall first in the morning and then go back to the city for sightseeing in the afternoon. Because the Forbidden City will not sell tickets every year from April 16th to October 15th at 16:00; from October 16th to April 15th at 15:30. Tiananmen Square can be visited anytime, anywhere. This one-day tour route is more suitable for business travelers. In addition to business activities, a quick one-day tour in Beijing can be arranged.

The Last Thing:  What Kind Of Tourism Approach Should You Take To Complete Beijing’s Tourism?

Generally, there are the following travel modes: arrange your travel in Beijing through your relationship with relatives, friends, or business in Beijing. Be a DIY. Book your room, buy your air tickets, choose your transportation, see the pictures yourself, and so on. Do a Half DIY. Arrange part of the itinerary yourself, and part of it to the travel agency to arrange. Please leave it to the travel agency to arrange your travel itinerary.

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